The Importance Of A Trial

The Importance Of A Trial

I’d like to give you some tips and info to prepare for the all important hair and makeup trial. Before you have your trial, it may be a good idea to think about some ideas before hand. Here are some questions for you think about, to help you achieve your dream hair and makeup look.

Firstly I’m assuming you have already chosen your dream dress? So the next step is to think about the right hair and makeup to compliment your dress.

  • Does your dress have detail?  Are your shoulders on show? Is there detail towards the neckline? Does it have detail on the back you’d like to be shown?

These questions will help you determine whether you want your hair up or down. Now to think about the style of dress and which hairstyle will work well with the dress.

  • Vintage styles? Romantic, soft styles? Bohemian styles with braids and flowers? Classic traditional structured styles?
Also, do you have a ‘best’ side? Do you want ears to be completely covered? It’s important for you to feel completely comfortable and your best.
  • Will you be wearing a veil? This is very important as a veil doesn’t work with every style.

Now you’ve thought about the hair, now for the makeup. Makeup is also a very important part of your wedding look. It can enhance your natural beauty, bring out your features so you look the best possible version of yourself or it can totally transform you.

  • If you don’t wear much makeup normally, you’d maybe like a natural look with fresh dewy skin, highlighted cheekbones, soft eye makeup and a natural pink on the lips? You might want a specific themed look, i.e 50’s Hollywood glamour, red lips, sultry eyes with liner and soft rose or peachy cheeks.

There are many options and I’ll see what will work with your face shape, skin tone and eye colour best.

There is a lot to think about and one useful way to do to get your thoughts organised and make it easier, is to create a mood board. is the best place to do this. This is very helpful for me to look through with you on

the trial day. When you create your Pinterest board, you can include albums for theme, hair, makeup and hair accessories. .

  •  Words to type in when looking for hair styles are vintage, classic, loose, romantic, bohemian, modern, and sleek.
  • Words to type in for makeup looks are natural, dewy, matte, fresh, contoured, smokey, soft smokey, glamorous, vintage, classic, summery, wintery, sultry, red lips.

Once you’ve created your mood board you might want to think about hair accessories but don’t buy until after the design important, incase they don’t work well with your chosen trial.

The final thing to think about which is also very important is skin care. Make up can do wonders but if your skin care regime isn’t good, it won’t work with your skin the best it can. The most important skincare products for every day are cleanser, gentle toner and moisturiser. This is great if you do this already, but you may need to add a gentle exfoliator too. This will polish away dead skin so the makeup has an even surface to sit on. An eye cream or gel is also good for fine lines or to help get rid of eye bags. I advise using natural organic products for every day skin care as harsh chemicals which are in a lot of brands can make the skin drier or even oilier and cause breakouts. I have a sister company called Made By Coopers, making natural and organic clean beauty products so can give you a mini facial on the trial day consisting of an oil cleanse, hydrating rose or aloe mist (depending on your skin type) and a superfood serum to get your skin looking radiant and ready for makeup.

Lastly on the day of the trial, make sure you have an area free near natural light(the brighter the better), a table and chair and a power point. Hair should be clean and dry, and face makeup-free.

Thanks for reading!

Clare Luisa White

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